“Huh, who doesn't make electric vehicles today! Why are you better than them?"

"Oh, bud, where should I begin?.."


We have invented a universal cargo platform for the entire line of Vasyugan Aerospace trucks, perfect for utility services, builders, and all those who value practicality and reliability. With the help of the platform, you can turn1 your cozy RV into a powerful dump truck or special equipment vehicle. The payload is replaced2 with the help of minimal tools by the efforts of two people and in less than an hour depending on the type of your load.

The truck has the ability to quickly change the battery3 on a drive-through full-auto overpass by the driver himself and without using any special tools. Due to this, the downtime of vehicles is minimized, since the battery replacement time is approximately 5 minutes, including the time of driving on and down the overpass.
In areas where are no charging stations or a large amount of power is required (most places for which this truck is designed), there is an option to install a mobile power source. The station included a huge Tesla Megapack battery container, and solar panels or wind turbines, depending on the climate of the area of operation: whether it is the polar tundra of Alaska or the hot sands of Arabia.

Having extensive experience of driving on various off-road types, operating heavy trucks, military vehicles, and RV's, we are well aware of how important good visibility in such conditions is. That's why, while designing our vehicle, we took a helicopter cabin as a basis, and tried to provide maximum visibility from the driver's seat. All versions of the truck4 have panoramic windows and a special cab design, which gives a viewing angle of about ~180°.

The largest viewing angle ever achieved in this class of heavy trucks, provides unrivaled comfort in the exploitation of the all-terrain vehicle, regardless of weather conditions. Due to the panoramic cabin, an abundance of cameras and sensors, the car has very few blind spots, which distinguishes it from its analogs. The design makes it easier to maneuver both in the limited space of parking lots and curvy public roads and passing difficult off-road sections where visibility is crucial.

If you have ever tried to park a large truck or bus in a narrow almost occupied lot, then you definitely understand all the pain and difficulties that drivers of heavy vehicles face. A huge turning radius and large blind spots can turn a routine task into a real challenge even for experienced drivers.

Having got rid of axles, driveshafts, low ground clearance, and all design disadvantages of the similar class trucks, our company has come to technical perfection, expressed in six completely independent wheels with individual electric motors. Having such an advantage, we were able to significantly reduce the turning radius, and if necessary, Huskie has a technical ability to turn her front wheels at an arbitrary angle up to 90°!

This will allow you to easily get out of a deep rut (if you ever can find one in which you will get stuck), maneuver between trees in a dense forest, pick up a large trailer in a small hangar, or filigree park a truck in front of your garage in suburbs.

The most important thing in a vehicle operating in harsh conditions is reliability and time of repair in case of breakage. This is the second reason (after the unprecedented off-road ability) why we decided to choose a wheel hub motor5 design, where the hub is the external rotor of the electric motor, and its inner stator pivotally fixed to the truck frame. All 6 electric motors are absolutely identical and can be interchanged.

A Chief Mechanic can have a smaller number of spare parts in his storage, replace them right in a shop, then return a vehicle back to service as fast as possible. In case of motor failure, this will allow putting the truck back into operation in a matter of hours, if not minutes. Simply by unscrewing a few bolts and replacing the entire part, and sending the faulty one to the service center. Also, the service center can carry out repair team directly at the customer's location by receiving a self-diagnosis report from the truck via the Internet and sending its mobile workshop with the necessary spare parts there.
If you've ever towed a trailer behind your truck on country roads, you've probably thought about how great it would be if its wheels also been driven, helping the movement and pushing forward, and not just freely rotated, getting stuck in pits. Perhaps the most informed of you have even seen prototypes of retro all-terrain vehicles in which the torque was transmitted through the shaft to the trailer. I think you have already understood where we tend and what prospects our wheel hub motor opens up for the trailer.

Just imagine a 4×4 trailer, with motors of the same power as a truck! What advantages are opening up for expeditionary convoys and road trains! And what additional batteries you can equip them with! In the basic configuration, our trailers do not have a battery, which greatly reduces the dry weight, but there is a technical possibility to connect an additional standard Huskie battery.

Few words may suffice, and you already imagine the potential and capabilities of such systems. The number and size of trailers can be limited only by the imagination of design engineers. And, for sure, in addition to our classic 4×4 models, there will be a lot of after-market crazy engineering ideas, like 20-wheel "millipedes" or wide snow caterpillars for trailers.

Automakers who create pickup trucks and SUVs constantly face a similar dilemma. You can like or dislike these models, but you can't admire the elegant design solutions that were found by the designers of such legends as the Jeep Wrangler, Land Rover Defender, Toyota Land Cruiser, or and old Soviet military hard worker UAZ. At Vasyugan Aerospace, we tried to catch this delicate balance between an eye-catching appearance, and at the same time not compromising its performance and reliability.

One of these features is our unique front headlight, which combines several functions at once. In a single design element, both powerful LED low-beam and high-beam headlights, parking lights, and a "running line" of the turning lights, according to road regulations. As well as wide-angle headlights for working with a winch or illuminating an area in front of the truck. Also, it includes a decorative color illumination hidden there (both for identifying different classes of vehicles at night on a worksite and for creating a unique atmosphere in your overnight camping near a mountain lake).

Additionally, a retractable high-beam light bar is hidden in the roof of the truck, which can remain the last of your light source while your driving at night through deep mud, when the main headlights will be below the waterline (or a substance that you are currently overcoming).

The second unique highlight of the truck is a powerful winch that is pre-installed and hidden behind a license plate. If desired, this option can be excluded and an additional luggage compartment can be placed in a resulting space, but knowing our customers and the environment they will certainly want to drive into, not having such equipment, we wouldn't recommend doing. An installed winch may help you to get out on your own and without shameful help from outside =)

Perhaps, the most shocking feature of Huskie is special flexible side windows6, that roll up into the doors, and also have the ability to change transparency through electronic control.


Mikhail Kalashnikov once said: "It's easy to make it difficult, but it's difficult to make it simple." Therefore, when designing a dashboard of our truck, we followed the path of asceticism and minimalism — we just don't have any dashboard. Taking the reliability of the cockpits of modern military aviation, the comfort and functionality of Tesla cars, and the Crew Dragon spacecraft, we completely got rid of all these buttons and gages that transforming the truck into a Boeing cockpit.

All the indicators necessary for driving are projected on the windshield, and all the vehicle controls are transferred to interactive displays with an anti-glare coating and flexible mount. From displays, you can control and monitor all the truck parameters such as driving mode depends on surfaces, suspension settings, tire pressure, autopilot and navigation, climate control, and battery status.

We design vehicles for stern people in helmets — builders, loggers, oil workers, law enforcement, and risky adventurers. All models of Vasyugan Aerospace all-terrain vehicles are designed for hard-working conditions and may not see any kinds of roads for years. So they are well prepared for any impacts, dirt, sand, dust, and have a washable interior with the ability to be cleaned by powerwash. All electrics and electronics are securely hidden, displays are sealed, and have dust and moisture protection according to the military standard MIL-STD-810G. The seats of the truck are designed on the same principle as boat seats, and there are also two plugs under the mats on a cab floor for draining water. This allows you to quickly dry the cab by simply selecting a proper mode on the climate control system, which includes furnace, seat heating, and extractor fan. Huskie — built to be dirty!®

Have you ever seen the expedition SUVs of road travelers, construction workers, or service trucks? What unites them all? Bulky inverters, generators, additional batteries, and air compressors! And this is understandable because all these people constantly need power sources and compressed air for their equipment.

It doesn't matter whether you use a jackhammer or welding machine, place additional lighting on the worksite, or connecting concert speakers for an open-air concert — the power and current of the battery will be enough for everything! And if you are afraid of drain your battery and getting stuck far away from the nearest charging station, you can always put the necessary reserve for the return trip, and thereby protect yourself from unpleasant surprises. If the limit is exceeded, the onboard computer will turn off all externals sources and notify the driver about this.

It goes without saying that inside the cabin is filled with standard sockets for USB, 12V, and 110V, as well as wireless charging slots. The compressor installed onboard also serves to adjust the tire pressure and automatically inflate the flat tire.


Without exception, all our vehicles are equipped with satellite radio beacons and an SOS emergency button, which transmits your coordinates via the global world system Cospas-Sarsat to the nearest search and rescue station. All modern sea vessels and civil aircrafts are equipped with such systems, and any hunter or hiker can buy a portable emergency beacon. Given the conditions in which our trucks will be operated, that security measures are a vital necessity, not just a "cool feature".

For an additional charge, the Starlink satellite dish or Iridium SATphone can be installed on your vehicle. A popular option is to install a cellular signal amplifier with a circular antenna for driving or a directional for parking. Military versions are equipped with regular army radio transceivers, the controls of which can also be transferred on displays.

All models of our vehicles are equipped with a telescopic retractable antenna and a broadband SDR receiver of radio signals in AM, FM and SSB modulations, operating in the range from 100 kHz to 2 GHz. This allows you to absolutely legally listen if necessary to the frequencies of local municipal and emergency services, rescue, EMS, fire and police departments, marine band, civil aviation, railways, as well as truckers and HAM radio. The fact, which most people don't know — listening to the air on any frequency is absolutely legal in most countries of the world and does not require any additional licenses if you are not attempting to transmit. The cab has technical capabilities for installing transceivers in the CB, UHF, VHF, 6 and 10-meter bands. Have a good radio hunting and 73!

What do you usually imagine when you hear a "Remote Controlled vehicle"? Most likely, some warm memories from your childhood about a favorite toy. Perhaps someone will remember the hobbies of modern adults and powerful remote-controlled buggies. And what about a robust all-terrain truck with six wheels and 5 tons of load capacity?

Imagine that you need to drive a truck along a very narrow and dangerous mountain serpentine, with steep edges. Or you are stuck, up to the windshield, in a swamp, and you need to pull yourself out. Or you left your RV on the shore and got so carried away with fishing that you didn't notice how the tide caught you on the island, cutting off the escape routes... Yes, it's time to play with toy cars!

With a working range of up to a mile and broadcast from external cameras to a built-in monitor or VR glasses, you can control the steering angle of the wheels through the remote control, regulate the tension of the winch, and manage useless rotating each wheel individually. After all, the only difference between men and boys is the price and size of their toys =)

It is no secret that the modern automotive industry has a unique feature of models of 2020s, which distinguishes them from all previous generations, is an adaptive driving system. Sometimes with autopilot. For some manufacturers, this is only an advanced cruise control, lane-keeping function, and a steering assistant on turns. The flagship of the industry, Tesla, has a full-fledged autopilot, adapted for jams and crazy traffic of cities like L.A.

But no one has ever created an autopilot for places where not just missed some road marks or signs, but even a road itself. While developing the most high-tech truck, we created the best software, and our vehicles acquired the function of autonomous movement over rough terrain. It doesn't matter whether you are evacuating a wounded soldier from a battlefield, delivering food to a remote mountain camp, or calling an additional truck from the base to your logging site to take out every single log — Huskie will be able to pass most off-road conditions even without a driver!

After processing statistical data from several million hours of video from more than a dozen cameras, as well as telemetry from lidars, GPS, pressure and electric motor revs sensors, we trained a neural network to recognize all obstacles on your path and use similar techniques used by experienced drivers for passing off-road sections. Collecting data from the Army armored personnel carriers for a long time during their training, jeep drivers, and professional rally competitions, we taught our on-board computer to distinguish stones and logs, a depth of pits, ruts, fords and shallow water, a height and density of bushes, a density of the forest, a viscosity of mud, a looseness of sand and snow.

What previously seemed like an unattainable fantasy, thanks to modern technologies and advanced neural networks, today becomes only an engineering task. Unfortunately, it is still impossible to completely get rid of a driver seat and steering wheel, since, at least, someone must perform loading and unloading operations and change the punctured wheels. But this is the perfection that the company strives for, imagining caravans of trucks that carry out transport links between Martian bases and outposts without spending precious oxygen and electric power to keeping alive future colonizers in a cab.

Taking the OpenAI API technology as a basis, we equipped Huskie not only with a voice assistant or navigation system but with a full-fledged companion, co-pilot, navigator, and crew member of your expedition!

- Have we arrived yet?

- No, we haven't arrived yet.

- Have we arrived now?

- No, we still didn’t arrive.

- When will we arrive?

- Soon.

- How soon?

- Pretty soon.

- Look, Bear Creek campsite! Let's stop and see the bears? I've never seen a bear!

- No, we have no time, we have to deliver the cargo to the construction site before morning, which means we will have to drive all night.

- It is too long!

- Yes, it is long.

- You'll get tired.

- I'll drink coffee.

- And your back? How are you feeling?

- Better now, thanks.

- In five miles there will be a turn to the right, there is a small town, let's stop by the pharmacy on the way and buy you an ointment.

- I'm fine, really.

- There will not be that long. We will only lose 7 minutes.

- No, thanks.

- You are boring.

- Do not be rude.

- Boring, Boring, Boring!

- So, I woke up, turn on the Official Mode.

- Official Mode is at your service.

- Thank you.

- Glad to serve.

- Write to the foreman, tell us what time to meet us.

- Request a crane and movers?

- As always.

- The email has been sent, is there anything else?

- Did you book a hotel for tonight?

- Yesterday, when we left.

- Well.

- Anything else?

- Do you think we’ll finish before the rains?

- According to forecasts, the summer promises to be long, and the fall is relatively dry. According to the webcam on a construction site, they are already erecting the frame. Therefore, we have about 8 weeks before the roof, if we do not get out of schedule.

- What are the risks?

- The third shift chronically falls short of deadlines, plus the State Department of Transportation has scheduled highway repairs in 11 days.

- Will there be traffic jams?

- Possible. I would recommend taking Road 43.

- It's a loop.

- Only 84 miles, but we save hours.

- There are no charging stations.

- In the Economy Mode we will hold out.

- Without AC?

- And the Internet neither.

- You will go by yourself in the heat and without the Internet.

- As you please.

- And where else can we charge on the 43rd?

- There is a hotel in Springfield, there are three charging places, we can book a room and charge at night.

- Sounds like a plan!

- Should I book every fourth day until fall?

- No, for now. Just keep an eye on traffic jams, and if we do not meet the schedule, we will make a detour with charging in Springfield.

- Roger that.

- Until what time do you say the pharmacy is open?

- The route has been laid, Sir. Turn on a back massage? I can take control, and I recommend you to move the seat out and do side bends and rotations.

- There's no Sir for you.

- Mode changed.

- Did you missed me?

- Have we arrived yet?

- No, Huskie, we haven't arrived yet.


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